Ref. 4122
The STATIV is a mobile device carrier. It’s equipped with a bottom shelf and a top shelf, on which different devices can be mounted.
The STATIV comes with 4 antistatic rolls, from which 2 are lockable.


Ref. 1898
The SANICAR is a mobile device trolley for transporting or carrying a maximum of 3 devices. It is equipped with three bottom trays, an optional hanger rod for a bottle and a multiple socket outlet with 3 sockets and an illuminated main switch. Four suction jars can be adapted on the top tray or some similar accessories. The SANICAR comes with antistatic rolls from which two are lockable.

Nou-CLEAN, maintenance and care spray

Ref. 1984
NouClean-Spray, maintenance and care spray for electronic motors, Handpieces and Contra Angles.

Adapters for NouClean-Spray

Spray nozzles for Nou-Clean-Spray for electronic motor 21
from left to right:

1974 Adapter for NouClean-Spray for Electronic motor 21
1933 for Endodontics, Apex contra angle (blue)
1942 Adapter for NouClean-Spray for Electronic motors
1958 Adapter for NouClean-Spray for Contra Angles

Standard tube set

Tube-Set for MD 10, MD 11 and MD 30 for cooling a single Contra Angle. 2 meter sterile, disposable tube set.

6025 tube set with integrated 3-way cock

Tube set with integrated 3 way cock, for MD 20 and MD 30 to cool both Contra Angles at the same time. Sterile, disposable tube set.

Clips for tube set mount on cables

To clamp the tube set to the power cord.

Clips for tube set mount on Handpieces and ContraAngles

To clamp the tube set to the contra angle.


If you want to use your contra angle with internal and external cooling, you will have to add an Y-Connector to the tube set. The branching will be completed with two short silicone tubes, which connect to the contra angles cooling system.

Connecting tubes

Connecting tubes (1773)
Between Y connector an cooling system of any contra angle. Length 16 cm. Comes in packaging units of 20 pieces.

Spare blades for Oscillating Micro Saw

Spare blades for Jig Saws

Spare blades for Sagittal Saw

Case for MD11/MD30

customizable, solid aluminum case for MD11 or MD30


Ref. 1897

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