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Nanotec Endo

NANOTEC ENDO is an innovative irrigation system used to rinse tooth root canals during canal treatment. NANOTEC ENDO development is both the result of long-term medical practice and a response to problems that occur during tooth treatment. ENDO NANOTEC allows dentist to increase both patient’s comfort during root canal treatment and safety of using toxic rinsing agents. Root canal treatment requires chemical disinfection of the root canals. Mostly, the rinsing process is carried out with the use of toxic sodium hypochlorite. The interaction of sodium hypochlorite with living tissue causes such symptoms as severe pain, extensive swelling, bloody effusions, irritations, ulcers, and even tissue necrosis. Despite the risk of occurrence of all of these side effects, sodium hypochlorite still remains a rinsing substance preferably used during root canal treatment.

NANOTEC ENDO: successful and safe root canals cleansing

Rinsing the canals with sodium hypochlorite is usually done with the use of conventional needles and syringes. This method involves many dangers and is extremely risky. First of all, it involves the danger of leakages of toxic rinsing fluid into the patient’s oral cavity. As a result of separating the needle from the syringe, which often happens due to too much pressure of liquid supply, it might get into the patient’s, dentist’s or assistant’s eye; it might also cause permanent damage to wardrobe. NANOTEC ENDO eliminates all threats associated with the use of sodium hypochlorite. This is innovative dental equipment which combines liquid dosing system and suction part. At the same time, by supplying and sacking the liquid out, the NANOTEC ENDO prevents against a non-controlling hypochlorite leakage into the patient’s oral cavity. This significantly increases safety and comfort of root canal treatment. As a result of the liquid back movement and the possibility to set constant pressure of liquid supply, the danger of rinsing agent getting to periapical tissues is eliminated. The needle cannot be separated from the NANOTEC ENDO base, which prevents against sprays of liquid. NANOTEC ENDO is operated through the foot control pad. The device provides a dentist with comfort and significantly speeds up the work. Root canal treatment with the use of NANOTEC ENDO does not require dental assistance. During traditional application of rinsing liquid (that is with needles and syringes) the presence of a dentist’s assistant was indispensable. The NANOTEC ENDO system allows a dentist to work fully independently and much more efficiently.

NANOTEC ENDO is the only device available on the market that makes the process of rinsing root canals be fully automated, thereby increasing its safety.

NANOTEC ENDO holds the CE certificate.

The founder and owner of the patent of the NANOTEC ENDO system is Professor Roman Borczyk.

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