Bone substitute


High porosity synthetic bone substitute

Macrobone is a high porosity synthetic bone substitute (around 90% of porosity) designed for filling bone defects during dental and maxillofacial surgery. It is made from pure tricalcium phosphate (ß-TCP) completely and rapidly resorbable. The shapes of Macrobone granules solve problems related to filling of irregular-shaped cavities. Macrobone reduces the need for autologous sampling and surgery time.

Made from pure tricalcium phosphate (ß-TCP)

  • Macrobone is made from pure and resorbable tricalcium phosphate (ß-TCP) which is a bioactive calcium phosphate salt. It is more soluble than hydroxyapatite in a biological field and very similar to the mineral phase of human bone.
  • Totally resorbable, it will be replaced in 6 or 7 months by the neo-formed bone.
  • Macrobone is fully synthetic, there are no immune or infectious risks
  • The TCP granules are radiopaque, so cavity filling and graft integration can be radiologically monitored.
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Cancellous substitute

Ti-oss is made from 100% cancellous bone without any cortical portion. Innovative pulverizing technique allows multiporous structure, maximizing blood vessel ingrowth.
Average Ti-oss pore size is more than three times of other world leading product. This advanced manufacturing technique permits rapid absorption of blood or saline into the block
Low temperature processing technique allows ideal, natural surface topograph, the same as human bone, stimulating osteoblast activity. Vitrification phenomenon caused by high temperature process has been completely controlled.
Pre HA structure, octacalcium phosphate crystal is found on the surface of Ti-oss, resulting in fast bone formation.
Unique 100% multiporous cancellous nature offers higher quantitative mass volume per gram unit, compared to other nonporous product. This leads to less material cost.
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