N °1 of the exclusive French manufacturers of dental implants with a production 100 % integrated.

Internal connection implants

External connection implants

Narrow implants

Bone substitute

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Esthetibase interfaces

TEKNIKATRAINING : Training solutions

TEKNIKA3D: Digital and guided surgery solutions


  • Our company works alongside university courses to allow integration of implantology within dental practices and to encourage development of dentists’ implant practice.
  • Clinical team includes experienced implantologists and dental technicians who are experienced euroteknika users.
  • Adapted and various trainings (surgery/prosthesis), we take into account your targets and motivations.
  • Digital Imaging: Cone Beam teknika3D can be used for planning and guided surgery or alone. Cone Beam teknika3D provides pictures of high quality and high reliability due to patented design.
  • Guided surgery: planning software, creation of guides, proper implant and instrumentation for guided surgery.
  • Computer-aided design of prosthetic components starts from a conventional model, a scan or a wax-up from any source.
  • Prosthetic parts are machined in 24 hours in our production center in Sallanches (France) (or more depending on the product complexity).
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